We are an English Speaking Association in the Nimes Area

BritsNîmes is a non-profit making association of people interested in the English language. Membership is open to individuals or families.
Most live in Nîmes and the Gard.

BritsNîmes organises regular social or cultural activities. These are varied and designed to help people to get to know the area, make new friends and meet local people. Information is shared via our website, emails and monthly newsletters.

attracts members from many nationalities. Some have lived in the area for many years, others are recent arrivals. The regular get togethers allow everybody to exchange experiences about life in France and encourages children to meet and befriend other bilingual youngsters.

is always delighted to have new members. By joining BritsNîmes contact with other members in English can be both a pleasure and an experience, while a helping hand when in need is always welcome.
All nationalities welcome.

The Walking Club

Walking Club :

The next BritsNimes walk will take place on Wednesday 13th May 2015.
Walk commencing at 9:45 am. Meet at 9.30 am

Venue : RUSSAN (8 km – dénivelé 130 m)

This walk (a little more difficult than usual) will take us from Russan through the Combe du Rocher Rouge to the viewpoint at the Castellas. Because of some rocky parts good walking shoes are required.
Further information to be mailed in due course.
If you propose attending this walk please let me know by mail (also please indicate if you can stay for lunch).