The International Association of English speakers in the Gard

BritsNîmes is a non-profit making association of people interested in the English language.
Membership is open to individuals or families.

BritsNîmes organises regular social and cultural activities.
These are varied and designed to help people to get to know the area,
make new friends and meet local people.
Information is shared via our website, emails, monthly newsletters and Facebook.

attracts members from many nationalities.
Some have lived in the area for many years, others are recent arrivals.
The regular get togethers allow everybody to exchange experiences about life in France.

is always delighted to have new members.
By joining BritsNîmes contact with other members in English can be both a pleasure and an experience, while a helping hand when in need is always welcome.
All nationalities welcome.

The Music & Cinema Club

Film Club 


 Friday 18th January 2019
meet at 3:45 pm for a 4:00 pm viewing

 at the Semaphore 
25 Rue Porte de France, 30900 Nimes

A film directed by Wash Westmorland, written by Richard Glazer and Rebecca Lenkiewicz and starring Keira Knightley, Fiona Shaw and Dominic West.          
Colette is the most important woman writer in the history of French literature, and the private, personal story of who she really was and how she got there is as mesmerizing and all-consuming as any book she ever published.

Although it happened more than 100 years ago, the story of how she became a gay icon of artistic achievement in the world of letters as well as a symbol of freedom
and power in a male-dominated world has a relevance for today’s feminist movement that is astonishing.
In addition, as merely a biopic of her life, British director Wash Westmoreland’s Colettewith Keira Knightley in the title role, is the best and most lavishly appointed, gorgeously photographed period movie in years. The Observer

Buy your tickets on arrival.
Special rate for BritsNîmes members: € 6.30

If you plan to attend send as soon as possible an e-mail to Geneviève.
Hélène will be there to welcome you.

 mobile numbers:
Genevieve: 06 47 81 70 06 and Helene: 06 89 34 20 27

I look forward to hearing from you.
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