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BritsNîmes is a non-profit making association of people interested in the English language.
Membership is open to individuals or families.

BritsNîmes organises regular social and cultural activities.
These are varied and designed to help people to get to know the area,
make new friends and meet local people.
Information is shared via our website, emails, monthly newsletters and Facebook.

attracts members from many nationalities.
Some have lived in the area for many years, others are recent arrivals.
The regular get togethers allow everybody to exchange experiences about life in France.

is always delighted to have new members.
By joining BritsNîmes contact with other members in English can be both a pleasure and an experience, while a helping hand when in need is always welcome.
All nationalities welcome.

Monthly Event

Monthly Event


Chateau de Tarascon


Saturday, 25 January 2020 at 9:30 am
Led by a native English-speaking official guide, this outing takes us through the charming town of Tarascon, with a visit to the Château de Tarascon followed by a stroll through the quaint medieval town centre to the Musée Souleiado, before an optional lunch at the Bistrot des Anges in the Place du Marché.

Place du Marché

Located on the Rhone at the crossroads between Avignon, the Camargue and the Luberon, Tarascon’s name comes from the Tarasc, a fearsome river monster tamed by Martha of Bethany (who arrived from Judea in 48 AD), only for it to be butchered by the townspeople. Completed in 1449 and one of the best-preserved castles in the south of France, the Château de Tarascon – known as le Château du Roi René - monitored the border of Provence, and was then used as a military prison in the 17th century until its acquisition by the state in 1932. Today it also houses a heritage and art centre.

Musée Souleiado - printing blocks

With a storied history like no other fabric, “les indiennes” first arrived in Marseilles from India in 1648. The fabric was then produced in Provence, triggering riots and enriching the region, with Tarascon’s 17th century Hôtel d’Ayminy a textile manufactory for 200 years. The Souleiado brand was created by Charles Deméry in 1939, and today the Hotel d’Ayminy is home to the Musée Souleiado which tells the fascinating story of this iconic Provençale fabric.

Please note that the route through the château includes several stairs (148 steps in all), and thus is not suitable for wheelchair users or those with mobility issues.
Dogs are not allowed in the castle or museum.

Parking & meeting point  
Meet at 9:15 am outside the Château de Tarascon -
the tour commences at 9:30 am 
A car parking map will be sent to you when your booking is confirmed.

  Lunch -  Le Bistrot de Anges
 Soupe de saison avec crème et mélange de graines

Filet de poulet au chorizo et parmesan, accompagné de son écrasé
de pommes de terre et salade composée
Vol au vent à la quenelle nature, carottes, champignons et sauce délicate à l’échalote
accompagné de son écrasé de pommes de terre et salade composée.

Galette des rois avec sa glace vanille

¼ wine per person and coffee

TOUR ONLY -  €20 per person
(includes English-speaking guide, headset and entry fees to Château & Musée Souleiado)
TOUR + LUNCH - €20 + €25 = €45 per person

Registration is limited to 30 people, so please book as soon as possible using the procedure below. Priority will be given to those who stay for lunch, and when you register, please state if you want chicken or the quenelle, plus any dietary issues if applicable.

Please register on or before Tuesday 14 January at the latest 

IMPORTANT! Regardless of the weather, the visit and the lunch will go ahead, as advance payment has been made to secure the various bookings. Additionally, in order to be able to offer such value for money, the restaurant needs a minimum number of confirmed guests and cannot afford any loss of business or food wastage. Therefore once the final number has been confirmed to the restaurant on Wednesday 15 January, cancellations are not possible. Thus unless a replacement can be found to take your place, you will be charged for the meal. Your understanding is appreciated.

If the visit is cancelled for any reason,
 you will be notified by email by 8:00am on the day of the visit

 Step 1 : Email organiser and
treasurer, stating :
- how many places you require
- specify TOUR ONLY or TOUR + LUNCH
- If staying for lunch, your choice of meat or quenelle,
plus any dietary issues.
- Your mobile phone number in case we need to call you.

Step 2 : The organiser  will email you to confirm that space is being held for you pending payment, and the amount payable. However please note that your reservation is NOT confirmed until you receive confirmation from the treasurer that your payment has been received.

Step 3 : You arrange payment and advise the treasurer of mode of payment used (bank transfer or cheque).

Please note that BritsNîmes prefers payment by bank transfer – it’s safer and cheaper for you, and more efficient for everyone.

Step 4 : The treasurer will email you to confirm that payment has been received and that your booking is now confirmed.

Please note that this is now the sole procedure utilised by BritsNîmes for pre-paid events.  If you do not receive emails from the organiser and treasurer advising that space has been reserved and your payment received respectively, then your booking is NOT CONFIRMED. Only written proof of bookings as per the above procedure will be accepted - however, do not hesitate to follow up if you have any questions, or do not hear from the event organiser or treasurer within a couple of days.  

You can pay by Electronic Transfer/Virement
(our preferred method)
IBAN : FR76 1350 6100 0008 7491 9100 138 - BIC : AGRIFRPP835
Please insert your last name in the Beneficiary Reference area
You also can pay by cheque, payable to “Association BritsNîmes” and sent to :
Barry Stokes, La Porte du Village – Apt. 205, 37 rue Seguier, 30000 Nîmes

I need / can offer ……ride(s) to Tarascon from ………………. (complete as applicable)


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