History of BritsNîmes

A little history of BritsNîmes

The Association BritsNîmes was founded in 2002 by Robin Boxall.

He and a group of friends were aware that there was a need for a social network for English speaking people in the Gard where they could meet, get help and advice and exchange their experiences of life in France.

To be able to meet, three events were organised every month, a Walking Club, a Restaurant Club and a Book Club. These are still the pillars of our Association.

It started out with mainly British members, but soon French people began to join as well..
Often they had lived abroad, retired in the Gard and wanted to keep up their English.

And then the ball started rolling, other English speakers from many countries who had settled here started also to join.

BritsNîmes is now an Association with over 250 members of more than 20 different nationalities. It has become a truly international community. The place to meet and make new friends.

We are there for each other.

Activities on a Break

The activities and clubs list below are on a break, and we hope to restart them as soon as practicable.

So, please look out for our announcements.

Walking Club
3C's Club
Alès Coffee Morning
Beaucaire Coffee Morning
Chess Club
Film Club
Restaurant Club
Sauve Coffee Morning
Sommières Meet-Up
Uzès Coffee Morning

Monthly Visit

Glanum – a  Saturday morning in June (date and time to be confirmed)

Our first visit of 2021 takes us to the spectacular Roman city of Glanum, near Saint-Rémy-de-Provence. 

In a magnificent setting in the Alpilles mountains, this ancient and wealthy city was founded in the 4th century BC as a Celtic oppidum, and was then settled by the Greeks before officially becoming a Roman city in 27 BC. It’s particularly well known for “Les Antiques” monuments dating from the 1st century BC.

The city was later abandoned when the population moved to Saint-Rémy, but as the site was never built on, it became buried through the centuries, and thus was found virtually intact when excavations started in the 1920s.

Our English-speaking guide will be Anne – some of you know her already, as she was the excellent guide on our recent “In the Footsteps of Van Gogh” visit.

This visit is completely Covid-compliant – the entire visit will be outdoors, and you’ll have your own headset so that you can socially distance from others in the group yet still hear the guide. If you prefer, feel free to bring your own smartphone earbuds to insert into the listening device.

More details to follow.

Looking Forward ...

In the meantime, here are a few exciting events in the Nîmes Arènes to look forward later this year. We’ll be arranging visits to each activity with special group prices, so look out for details closer to the time.
Saturday 26 June - “Gladiator

Ridley Scott’s multi-Oscar-winning film, will be shown on a giant HD screen, accompanied by the Orchestre Nationale de Montpellier Occitanie and Choeur Région Sud performing Hans Zimmer’s award-winning score. The film will be shown in VOST – that’s English with French subtitles. Here’s a teaser video to give you a taste of this very special evening : https://urlz.fr/enEl
5-10 August – “Les Nuits de Nemaus, 

showcasing the history of Nîmes with special effects, video mapping, fireworks, horses, stuntmen, dancers and 200 extras (see below!). If you saw the show in 2019, there’ll be new scenes and special effects, so come and see it again!
8-10 October – “Les Grand Jeux Romains

 Now in its 11th year, Europe’s largest re-enactment event with over 500 performers returns, with “Caesar & the Conquest of Rome” as its theme – including the ever-popular chariot race too!
Sian Bell

Fancy performing in a Roman amphitheatre?

Many of you joined the BritsNîmes visit to the Nîmes Arènes in August 2019 for the spectacular “Nuits de Nemaus” show.  It was covid-cancelled last year, but is scheduled again this August and we’ll be organising another BritsNîmes group visit.  In the meantime, Les Amis de Nemaus (the official association for “Nuits”) is looking for volunteers – as extras in the show itself, or helping the stage management team behind the scenes.
Here's a short video featuring highlights of the show and some of the volunteers to whet your appetite. The word “magique!”  crops up frequently - a sentiment echoed by BritsNîmes members Sian Bell and Elizabeth Foster, who were extras in 2019. Both ladies agree that performing in the stunning setting of the Arènes was a unique experience – not to mention great fun! – and so have promptly signed up again this year!

Interested? No experience needed and your French doesn’t have to be that good. However you’ll need to attend a maximum of seven evening rehearsals - two in June, two in July and three in August on 2,3 & 4 (but probably fewer, depending on which scenes you’re in), and of course the shows themselves, over four nights in August (5, 6, 9 & 10, with 11th  as an option in case of bad weather on a previous night).
Applications close on 1 May, so for further information and application details, contact:


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