History of BritsNîmes

A little history of BritsNîmes

The Association BritsNîmes was founded in 2002 by Robin Boxall.

He and a group of friends were aware that there was a need for a social network for English speaking people in the Gard where they could meet, get help and advice and exchange their experiences of life in France.

To be able to meet, three events were organised every month, a Walking Club, a Restaurant Club and a Book Club. These are still the pillars of our Association.

It started out with mainly British members, but soon French people began to join as well..
Often they had lived abroad, retired in the Gard and wanted to keep up their English.

And then the ball started rolling, other English speakers from many countries who had settled here started also to join.

BritsNîmes is now an Association with over 250 members of more than 20 different nationalities. It has become a truly international community. The place to meet and make new friends.

We are there for each other.

Activities on a Break

The activities and clubs listed below are on a break, and we hope to restart them shortly,

so please look out for announcements in the next newsletter.
Film Club

Charities We Support

Christmas 2019 we supported:
The Cricket Club of Nîmes

Christmas 2018 we supported:
The Childrens Ward of Caremeau Hospital, Nîmes

Christmas 2017 we supported :
France ParkinsonComité du Gard Nîmes
internet : www.franceparkinson.fr
email    : aimee.thouvenot@gmail.com

Christmas 2016 we supported :
FRANCE ADOT 30, Pour le Don d'organes et de Tissues humains

"Le don de Vie, quoi de plus beau!.....
Préservez ce joyau de solidarité humaine qu'est le don bénévole et anonyme"
Professeur Jean Dausset, prix Nobel de Médecine
internet : www.france-adot.org      /  email : franceadot30@orange.fr 

Christmas 2015 we supported:
France Alzheimer & maladies Apparentées
11 Place  du Calvaire, 30320 Marguerittes
04 66 21 03 09  or  09 77 66 47 91
email : alzheimer.gard@wanadoo.fr   / internet : www.francealzheimer-gard.org

Christmas 2014 we supported:
Les Chats Libre, Nîmes

Christmas 2013 we supported: 

Cancer Support France – Languedoc