The International Association of English speakers in the Gard

BritsNîmes is a non-profit making association of people interested in the English language.
Membership is open to individuals or families.

BritsNîmes organises regular social and cultural activities.
These are varied and designed to help people to get to know the area,
make new friends and meet local people.
Information is shared via our website, emails, monthly newsletters and Facebook.

attracts members from many nationalities.
Some have lived in the area for many years, others are recent arrivals.
The regular get togethers allow everybody to exchange experiences about life in France.

is always delighted to have new members.
By joining BritsNîmes contact with other members in English can be both a pleasure and an experience, while a helping hand when in need is always welcome.
All nationalities welcome.

BritsNîmes Photo Competition 2017

BritsNîmes Photo Competition 2019

"Out and About in Southern France"

[  “a la decouverte autour du sud de la France”  ]

Last year we had some great entries for the Photo Competition with the subject
“Built in  Southern France” so for this year we are staying local with the subject
"Out and About in Southern France" which can be anything
old or new that you see as you move around the area.

With all the village fêtes starting you will have some great opportunities.

If you want to see last year's entries they are still online at

As last year’s subject, "Built in Southern France", proved to be a popular choice we are remaining in the same area for this year’s subject but widening the scope a little.

Our subject for this year’s competition is

"Out and About in Southern France"
which can include anything that you spot in our area.

The rules are simple:
Photos must be taken by a BritsNimes member.
They must have been taken in 2019.
They must be attached to an email and sent to by 20th October 2019.
You can only enter 3 photos.
That's it!

Here are a few tips that may help you:
For the time being you can enter as many photos as you like and
then choose later which ones to withdraw if you have more than 3.
It will be possible to swap photos right up to the closing date.

A shortlist of 12 photos will be chosen by an online vote of all BritsNîmes members
and displayed at the AGM/Christmas Lunch,
when the winners will be picked by those attending.

A limit of 1 photo per person will be permitted amongst the finalists and
only one prize will be awarded to any entrant.

Don't hold back because you think your photos aren't good enough.
If you like them the chances are that other members will like them as well.
It's simple, it's free, and you could win a valuable prize so you have nothing to lose.

Happy snapping,


Participants in walks, events and other activities do so entirely at their own risk. No responsibility is implied or taken for any inaccuracies in the itineraries. The walks/event/activity may be canceled, the destination changed or the level of endurance altered without prior notice. When BritsNîmes proposes locations for events, or meeting points for car-pooling or coach pick-ups, it does so without vouching for car parking security or permission: participants parking cars in association with an event do so entirely at their own risk. By joining the walk/event/activity, all participants are deemed to have agreed to the terms and conditions contained in this disclaimer, and agreed to exonerate the walk/event/activity leaders, the organisers and any other participants in the walk/event/activity from any liabilities, claims, including but not limited to liabilities and claims as a result of any injuries or damages arising thereof.