BritsNîmes is an English-speaking non-profit association in the Gard area, offering a wide range of regular social and cultural activities designed to help you to settle in, get to know the area, make new friends and meet local people (while of course a helping hand when in need is always welcome too!).
It's not just British people living in Nîmes (although it was founded by one, Robin Boxall, almost 20 years ago!) - today BritsNîmes has members of over 20 different nationalities all over the Gard, with some having lived in the area for many years, while other are new arrivals.
BritsNîmes is always delighted to welcome new members, with membership open to individuals or couples/families. You can find out more information via our website, emails, newsletters and our Facebook and Instagram pages.
We look forward to you joining us at BritsNîmes!

For our British members, on the right side under useful links you will find a link to the British Embassy for all the necessary information around Brexit.

Our events and clubs are on hold till further notice !


BritsNîmes Photo Competition 2020


Revised Subject -
"Water around the World"

Photo Competition 2020 - Voting
101 excellent photos have been entered in the Photo Competition.

Voting started a few days ago and we’ve already had some votes in, but we need a lot more; with so many entries, several photos could end with a tie, having the same number of votes. So votes from you will make a difference and help us to be able to declare the winners. 

To vote simply visit  
and send an email to with the numbers of up to 10 choices.

Voting closes at 11.00pm on Tuesday 3 November.  Remember that there are many interesting and beautiful photos spread throughout the site so please look through them all before choosing your 10 favourites.